Hello, Neighbour #21 ! Post-US-Election

Community discussion on the work that needs to happen next, in the aftermath of the US elections – and general commentary on the intensity of Scorpio throughout the rest of the year.

Also – I’m noticing some people are very upset at the fact I’m happy with what’s happened 🙂

As I’ve stated on so many occasions …

This is a community space with clear boundaries.

My work is not for everyone.

If you are someone who can honestly condone the caging of thousands of brown children at the border, who hates LGBTQIA+, who sees women as a sexual and reproductive means to an end, who sees minorities and immigrants as a threat …

What are you even doing here?

I’ve been clear in my politics and I’m not sure who you think you’ve been following.

My values have been transparent from day one.

If you lack the respect for the basic human dignity and decency of another person, my work is not for you.

Just go your own way. Your swansong is not needed or welcomed here.

If you believe you are a greater or more elevated ‘ spiritual ‘ being because of your beliefs, good for you 🙂

I will not waste my time arguing with you, nor do I encourage anyone else to.

Keep moving along …

That’s best for everyone 🙂

And of course to everyone who is on a similar / compatible wavelength, glad you’re here!

Keep at it! There’s a lot of work to be done in the world 🙂

Much Love

Dr Bairavee

11 thoughts on “Hello, Neighbour #21 ! Post-US-Election

  1. Frank Lyford says:

    Hi Dr. Bairavee, thank you for your message. I enjoy your work. Thank you for all that you do. I am in agreement with most of your views concerning social justice and equal rights. However, in my opinion I believe you may be misinformed on the status quo in several regards due to taking as truth what is purveyed as accurate reporting by mainstream news sources when in fact that reporting is inaccurate or false. Regardless, I believe that the declarations by media organizations on the US elections, whether based on fact or propaganda, are in perfect accord with the highest outcome, all things considered. There is much yet to unfold in our collective reality in accordance with the inner work in which a key segment of the population is engaged. Meanwhile, please keep up your good work. Again, thank you.

    1. The Sky Priestess Dr Bairavee says:

      Dear Frank,

      Thank you for your polite response. I believe you may have underestimated my academic background and level of due diligence. That being said, there is always a space to have a real discussion on whether an election was conducted fairly, and more importantly – to have the evidence to back up those claims. Unfortunately the only irregularities that were present was a President seeking to stop the voting process and to delegitimize the validity of mail-in ballots. Ironically, this is a method of voting that he had used previously.

      Please also note that it is not the media that actually determines the outcome 🙂 You have to look at the numbers that ultimately make up the seats on the electoral college. The final push over the edge came from PA.

      Previous Republican candidates have been decorous in calling of for re-count without delegitimizing each citizen’s right to vote. Having a recount is not at all an issue in a democratic system. In fact, that favoured George W. Bush in his race against Al Gore in Florida.

      I’m not sure anyone would have an issue with that. But claiming that mailed ballots are not votes is completely out of line.

      That being said, if your support is for a man who literally put thousands of children in cages at the border – I believe this is where our journey together ends. You cannot speak of social justice and still condone this kind of monstrosity against the innocent. Here’s a link with the statistics: https://www.themarshallproject.org/2020/10/30/500-000-kids-30-million-hours-trump-s-vast-expansion-of-child-detention

      You are most welcome. I hope we can agree on a baseline of fundamental moral decency.

      1. Dionne says:

        Well said, Dr Bairavee. Thank you.

      2. Frank Lyford says:

        Hi Dr Bairavee, thank you for your reply. We do agree on a baseline of fundamental moral decency. And I would rather focus on what we do agree on rather than on what we disagree on, finding commonality rather than divisiveness. We each have our individual inner work to do and far be it from me to tell anyone else how they should do that work. It is an individual process between each person and his or her higher power, whatever label they may choose to call that higher power. Having said that, we will all continue to have differing views of our world based on our experiences and conditioning. I feel the missing piece leading to discord is a misunderstanding of the nature of our reality, which I see through a lens similar to the Hindu view of maya or in other words a much more malleable universe than we are conditioned to believe. This opens the way for two people to have diametrically opposed experiences of life, both being equally real and valid for each person. This is my experiential knowing. I see the possibility of such diametrically opposite experiences as possible both individually and collectively. Thus, there is all the more reason that we must remain in open acceptance of each other, regarding our fellow human beings with love and and acceptance. At the core of our ability to hold such love and acceptance is our ability to hold ourselves in love and acceptance. This requires that we expose in the full light of our awareness all of the hidden shadows in our subconscious and unconscious. That is at the heart of our work now more than ever, and my own ongoing work in progress. Thanks again for engaging me in this dialog. May we both continue to work toward the best possible world for everyone. Blessings to you.

      3. The Sky Priestess Dr Bairavee says:

        Dear Frank,

        You are most welcome. Holding love and acceptance for difference is well and good, but that does not mean you love and accept actions that harm the innocent, or that you stand by and through inaction allow that harm to happen. You speak of maya, but as important as dharma. One without the other creates a spirituality that creates a safe space to perpetuate delusion rather than find deeper truth. Blessings.

  2. Dionne says:

    Dr Bairavee.

    Thank you for addressing this. Having objectively researched this administration and Trump’s record prior to his holding political office, I completely concur with your assessment of the situation. My primary source material were the many lawsuits filed against Trump prior to his running for the presidency, the congressional investigation reports conducted since he took office, as well as his own contradictory statements. Without any reliance whatsoever on mainstream media reports, it is apparent that Donald Trump is a narcissist, entirely self-serving, dishonest, and a fraud. I think the problem is that his followers cannot (or do not) objectively review the evidence. I am grateful for your brilliant mind and excellent education and your willingness to apply them to this situation, and to speak honestly about it.

    Gratefully and respectfully,
    Dionne Deschenne, MPA, CFI
    Washington State, USA

  3. Chantal C Kendrick says:

    Love your clear boundaries and your clear communication. It’s refreshing. Thanks for the difference you make.

  4. Jennifer Holmes says:

    I am so glad to be here with you. Thank you


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