Hello, Neighbour #20! Discussions on Dreams, Love, Encouragement + General Chill-Out

So, we had lovely community catch-up and discussion. Everyone’s processing from the Full Moon – lots of people with strange dreams of past karmic ties, anxiety, etc. Lepidolite and lepidochrosite are gemstones that can help with this (remember to source sustainably and cleanse regularly).

We talked a lot about how to understand spiritual guidance and where/how to hold energetic guides accountable for what they are saying as there’s a lot of misinformation that can come through.

We also talked about how to align with a deeper experience of Spirit in ways that do not create unnecessary cycles of karma.

Plus discussions on music, pets, words of encouragement and so on. The Hello, Neighbour series is first and foremost a means of catching up and chilling out with the community.

Sending you love

Dr Bairavee The Sky Priestess

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