Hello loves,

I’ve been receiving a few emails now with respect to the Bullseye Sessions.

The sessions sold out some time ago.

Please know that these are not just discounted readings just because there’s less purchased session time involved.

It actually takes a lot more work for me to do what I do in them as compared to a usual reading.

They are very energetically intensive activations that take months to unfold for the client.

And I need months before I’m ready to do another round of them.

For that reason, these sessions are offered once a year, twice at most if the year’s not too intense.

Those of you wanting to work with me still can book regular readings at http://www.theskypriestess.as.me

There is a little wait as I need time to finish out sessions that have been booked and to wind down from it.

Practicing self-care and not compromising on your energetic worth and appropriate exchange is one of the core principles around the work.

I do my best to practice what I teach.

And I look forwards to your booking in the future!


Dr Bairavee

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