Halloween Full Moon 2020

In a few hours from now, the Full Moon in Taurus will go exact, conjuncting Uranus. As we are at a time when the veils between world are thinner than usual (especially in the Northern Hemisphere), Uranus combined with the Moon multiplies its intensity and unpredictability.

Pay attention to the material assets and experiences in your life. What brings you joy and abundance. Be it your body, food, dancing, etc. Look at where you’re in a balanced relationship with them and where you’re not.

Don’t push things too hard but do what you can to bring yourself into a space of balance. Too much focus or too little are both problems.

This Moon is a wildcard so any number of surprises and revelations can emerge. Perhaps it’s a sudden windfall, perhaps a health issue, perhaps an awareness that you’ve tried to control things and need to let go, or the very opposite. There’s no generalizing.

Try to avoid getting into dramas, conflicts and things that take your energy away from being in the moment. Unless of course it’s something that has real meaning for you and can be transformative.

The butterfly effect is in full flow. Sometimes what we say and do have unintended consequences, or affect things beyond out awareness. Probably best to keep the metaphysical work to a bare minimum.

As a general tip, be a bit more aware around areas in your house with unsafe wiring. Save important files on your computer. And increase your water and electrolyte intake – if appropriate.

Last but not least, Thereus the Hunter-Stalker is just about to leave Leo. Keep your eye on what matters most to your heart.

We’ll talk about Thereus in Virgo some other time.


The Sky Priestess

Public Domain Image by Baggeb on pixabay.

1 thought on “Halloween Full Moon 2020

  1. Janice Tarver says:

    Thanks for sharing, we had major plumbing issues yesterday to the tune of $400. This was totally out of the blue (blue moon). Peace!


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