Faith In Times of Transition.

The world is changing at increasing speed. Even though it’s hard to keep up with it all, we will still have to face the impact of all these changes in our daily lives.

So much is being unearthed now as more and more people realize that the truth – however unpalatable – will ultimately set you free.

The revelations and experiences that come our way uproot the firmament of who we have considered ourselves to be in terms of identity or the structure of existence we call ‘life.’

Processing this as it happens so frequently, almost daily, is an art in itself.

We have had to build the will, the courage, and the endurance it takes to adapt to such profound transformations.

Denial is no longer a choice for anyone who seeks a modicum of truth, integrity, and compassion in this world.

It is all coming to the surface now.

In times like these, it is tempting to want to control destiny or master fate with shortcuts – or by turning to ancient occult forms that alter karmic paths (at a high cost).

I would advise against that.

It takes a lot more strength to have faith in the Divine and co-create a new path for yourself that aligns with the now.

Old occult and religious practices reproduce entrenched hierarchies by creating a separation between the petitioner and the energy granting your request.

Typically, they are required to provide a sacrifice, bribes, or offerings to get the spirit world to do something for you. Alternatively, a practitioner may compel or coerce something to act on your behalf based on their own psychic power and will.

This is precisely the kind of thing that generates karma and hidden expectations of reciprocity that cut across incarnations.

Someone asked me a question about how to manifest a lottery ticket yesterday. That is precisely the kind of thinking that will not transmute poverty consciousness or the vibration of lack or scarcity.

I don’t blame them as that is what they and so many others have been taught.

The question itself needs to be changed.

What is your soul calling out for?
What do you need to make that happen?
When is the right time for this to occur?
Speak to your guides, team, connection with Spirit as you experience it.
Ask them to show you what the blocks are and where they come from? Are they internal? External? Karmic? Manipulations of karma?
Ask them to point you towards resources and people who can help sustainably and safely for all parties.
And so on.

Astute observers realize that the way karma has been defined for public consumption oversimplifies and obscures the planet’s actual workings.

Facilitators in the know are aware of false spiritual hierarchies that create alternative narratives that ultimately distort lived experience.

That level of awareness does not come by itself.

You must question everything you know, believe, and experience.

And keep at it.

You may ask how that relates to Faith?

It is the essence of faith to keep going when you do not know or have a clear answer.

When your relationship with Spirit is not conditional on the outcome of having the desired manifestation.

When you are willing to make, undo and re-make who you believe yourself to be and whatever ideas of fate, destiny, and predetermination you may have.

It is a leap of faith and courage to keep asking those questions even when things don’t look like they’re changing.

Transformation can come in an instant, but it doesn’t always.

This does not mean that work stops, or you just wait for things to be handed to you.

Put your best foot forwards, aligned with the knowledge that things can and will unfold the way they need to when they need to.


Speak your heart’s desires out loud and ask that the way for them be cleared if in alignment with the True Will of the Divine and your own Being.

Rather than controlling or forcing it to happen, you create that space of allowance.

That’s as far as I would suggest for most people.

All else is a distraction.

Having the discipline to be still and act only when you feel that deep flow and alignment is one of the hardest lessons to master.

Especially when you are surrounded by the spiel,’ anything can be manifested if you do a, b, c, x, y, z. ‘If it doesn’t happen, you have ‘bad karma. ‘

Or … your ancestors and mentors did x, y, z, so you have to as well; otherwise, you dishonor them. What a catch-22!

A person who is already anxious, fearful, or uneasy will feel a lot worse hearing that and believe that they have to make up for some failing of their own.

You would cry if you knew how many beautiful, kind, decent human beings, and their babies I have met who experience terrible trials through life without understanding why. And they don’t even necessarily have bad or evil karma at play. Or those who have tried their hardest to honor their traditions to avoid feeling like terrible descendants – and still no success.

Sometimes the problem is the ancestors themselves – it’s not always rosy with that lot. Still, you won’t hear about that often in public discussion.

There are ways out of resorting to these approaches, but that won’t happen by recycling the old.

If you believe this is a New Age or close to, then that old, hierarchical, transactional model needs to come to a close.

The way to do it is simple.

But the simplest things are the hardest to do when you have convinced yourself of some other approach.

Listen to Spirit’s prompting rather than trying to push your way through.

If it says wait, and you are sure this is your guide and not some wannabe entity, then wait.

Most of the time, it’s about being open to hearing guidance rather than trying to micro-manage it all by yourself.

And following your instincts – you know, that little voice in the back of your mind that asks you … is that right?

Do what is practically needed in the here and now.

Keep opening your heart to the Divine and keep deepening that faith.

You might find the right person, approach, facilitator, investor, partner, guide, or the solution you seek without expending energy on fear, anger, panic, or anxiety.

But it won’t happen in the time-frame or the way your ego wants it to because your ego does not have the larger picture.

As someone who has faced far too much in far too short a time, you know my words are not mere theory or philosophical musing.

They come from living on the edge in the face of insurmountable odds, time and time again.

And it is that faith, more than anything else, that has kept me alive and helped me support my family through extreme situations of hardship and oppression.

It works, but it’s not easy to do.

Developing that faith in these times of transition is a skill in itself.

It takes love, practice, time, and the willingness to believe that Spirit is listening.

You are not alone.

You do not have to do it all by yourself.

I hope this reminder helps.


The Sky Priestess

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4 thoughts on “Faith In Times of Transition.

  1. soulspeak915 says:

    Thank you for speaking in ways that I understand, have experienced and can put into practice. Faith living as an ongoing dynamic continues to be a challenge in a sweet way. Strange to call it that but there is a sweetness to the nuances, subtlety and unfathomable loving-kindness of Spirit. As I continue to recognize I have lived more life than I have to live in this expression, I trust my Spiritual guidance and desire more and give my compassion to my ego and habitual patterns of behavior. A daily challenge. Your work is greatly appreciated.


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